Horse rehabilitation ranch is saving equines from demise


STANLEY, N.M. (KASA) – The Walkin’ N Circles Ranch located in Stanley, New Mexico rehabilitates horses who have been abused, malnourished and neglected. Once the animals are deemed to be strong and healthy, they are then made available for adoption.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than an animal who has been abused and it’s even worse when it’s a trusting animal like a horse. Once a horse has been placed in that grave of a health condition, the consequences they face are almost unspeakable.

“If we can’t take a horse 90 percent of the time, then they go to the sale ring and then they go to the slaughter,” says Charles Graham, Executive Director of the Walkin’ N Circles Ranch. “The horses that we have will never have to worry about going to slaughter, we find them permanent homes after rehabilitation and re-training.”

However, this is not a cheap task to get the horse back up to health. There’s not only the cost of housing the animal, but feeding it as well.

“Our donations have been down about 60 percent,” adds Graham. “And while everyday you picked up the paper and you just saw something about these slaughter plant in Roswell, or you saw something about horses being sent to slaughter, we had a lot of donations, but now that that’s died down and no longer in the headlines, neither are we.”

The ranch is finding ways to grow their own food and cut down on those costs, but there will always be a need to keep the ranch funded and bring the animals back to good health.

For more information about the ranch or if you are looking for a way to make a donation, you can check out the Walkin’ N Circles Ranch website.

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