Downtown restaurant has 80-plus year tradition


ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – Lindy’s Coffee Shop located on 5th Street and Central Avenue in Downtown Albuquerque has been open for over 80 years in a classic location.

Looking at old pictures on the wall, the interior to Lindy’s Coffee Shop may have changed over the years, but the down home cooking hasn’t.

“It’s just comfort food you know,” says owner Steve Vatoseow. “We have Greek food, we have breakfast, lunch and we serve dinner beer and wine and just the fact that we’ve been here so long you know it’s kind of unique.”

It’s not only the unique menu at Lindy’s drawing in patrons, but the classic building itself.

“It’s something to see definitely, we get people from all over the country that travel Route 66 and they make it a point to stop here because we’re listed in a few of the magazines simply because of our longevity and they really enjoy it, they take pictures and stuff like that,” adds Vatoseow.

With at least 22 movies having been filmed inside Lindy’s, you can certainly say it has become a favorite stop for Hollywood as well.

“It’s just the way the place looks, it could be like a cafe diner in any city so that’s why it fits so well for the movies,” adds Vatoseow.

“It’s just a down home restaurant,” says Dawn Vatoseow. “We have so many regular customers here it’s like family so we all keep in touch with everybody’s lives on a daily basis and I’m lucky because I’m out in the front.”

Out in the front and in touch with the regulars, constantly making them feel at home.

“I guess they like it, they keep coming back so that’s a good sign,” says Vatoseow.

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