Prepping your kids for returning to school


ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – It’s hard to believe, but it’s back to school time again. While it may be somewhat of a relief for parents, it also means that both they and teachers are getting prepared for the big day.

“If they will come Tuesday with their school supplies, the first day of school coming in, going to your class, carrying bags of those supplies, it creates a lot of chaos, so if they bring it early, that would be phenomenal,” says Stephen Maresca, Principal of Arroyo del Oso Elementary in Albuquerque in reference to parents preparing for the first day of school.

Maresca also adds that while parents have been preparing their kids, teachers and administrators have been preparing for a new year over the summer months.

“We’ve got the SBA scores and I know we have been digging down through those scores and looking where were we successful,” adds Maresca. “Where did we struggle, where did we really need to hit the ground running so we’re going to take that data and just get the rooms ready.”

While the teachers are getting the rooms and teaching plans ready, administrators say parents should be setting up some learning plans at home as well.

“Is the parent going to check their back pack every night?” asks Maresca of families. “Are they going to read that agenda, are they going to sit and look at the childs homework when they say I’m done with my homework? Great, open up your agenda, show me what your assignment was and show me that you’ve completed it.”

Establishing these rules early can ensure that the student will have an easier time getting settled in to the new school year.

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