Red hot art exhibit on display at Gallery ABQ


ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – Gallery ABQ is hosting their monthly exhibit for August and it’s appropriately titled Red Hot Summer. The artists who are members of the gallery combined their work for the display.

With vibrant colors and expression in different mediums, they all combine for this month’s display

“It’s expressionism,” says Judi Foster, one of the featured artists. “What’s inside comes out and we convey it to other people.”

Artists Nina Adkins, Anita Daniels and Judi Foster are having their works featured this month. While each is bringing something different to the mix, there is a common underlying process as to how long it takes to create a masterpiece.

“Years ago a dear friend of mine was asked that question and she said 30 years of experience and 4 hours of painting,” says Foster. “Different ones take different times.”

As is the case with Judi’s work, you just never know when inspiration will strike.

“I was working at 2 o’clock in the morning at my cabin, my husband had fed the birds with 7 bird feeders so I had the music playing and I was on another level and the birds were singing at the top of their lungs with me at 2 o’clock in the morning,” adds Foster.

Now the works are hanging on a wall for you to enjoy during daytime hours.

“It’s a real treat if you come in and visit us cause it’s the best art in town at the best price,” says Foster.

For more information on all the works displayed at the Gallery ABQ, you can check out their website

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