Baby Howler Monkey on exhibit at ABQ Bio Park Zoo


ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – For sleeping some 15 hours a day and enjoying the good life, Howler Monkeys give new meaning to just hanging out. The same goes for their newest addition, a little baby boy born in July 2014.

“He’s about two months old,” says Pamela Campbell, a Zookeeper at the Albuquerque Bio Park Zoo. “He will turn two months old September 7th, he’s actually a male and he’s golden right now just like his momma, but he will turn black just like his father.”

However, this is not before hitching a ride with his mom around the exhibit at the zoo, something the howler monkeys are known for.

“So you’ll also notice that the baby is constantly grabbing the mom with the tail,” says Campbell. “So the tail might be wrapped around the mom’s leg or it might be wrapped around the mom’s tail and that gives the baby stability and practice for when he’s moving around on his own too.”

The baby is still nursing with the mother right now, but will eventually be weaned off of that diet and switch to the regular diet for Howler Monkeys.

“These guys eat a lot of foliage,” adds Campbell. “So they eat a lot of leaves, they eat fruits and vegetables, they also get monkey chow biscuits, so that’s essentially got all of their vitamins and nutrients they would need a day in those biscuits…”

For creatures who are usually laying around, if you time your visit just right, you might get a great show seeing them hanging around.

“They sleep about 15 hours a day so if you come here and see them sleeping, nothing is wrong with them,” says Campbell. “That is completely natural, if you see them awake and moving, you’re lucky, you must be here during one of those 9 awake hours for these guys.”

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