Wise Craft

  ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – She’s helping us turn thrift store finds, fabric scraps, and natural objects into stuff we love. We are talking to th…


Theatre Thursday: Love Letters

  ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – AR Gurney’s “Love Letters” is most frequently performed as a reading between two sometime lovers. This weekend if you…


Dr. Bob Frank

ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – President of the University of New Mexico, Doctor Bob Frank, joins us to talk about what is going on with UNM.


Hot Singles Party

ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – ABQ The Magazine just dropped their August issue, which is their Hot Singles issue. We have a few of those hot singles …


Social Security 101

  ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – This month is dedicated to raising awareness of social security. A lot of people still don’t understand it fully, or …


Keep Kids Healthy

ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – On average kids suffer 6 to 8 colds per year. With school now underway, it’s even more important to make sure they feel…


African Violet Show

ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – This morning we are learning all about african violets. They are the most common and popular house plants around.


Snap Scavenger Hunt

ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – The city of Albuquerque Outdoor and Recreation is helping reconnect kids with nature through photography. We are learni…


Immunization Month

  ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – August may be back to school month, but it’s also National Immunization Awareness Month. It’s a great time to make su…


Healthy School Lunches

  ALBUQUERQUE (KASA) – We all remember our old school lunches PB&Js in a brown bag usually. Well today, we are taking a new and healthy spin…