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Furnished apartments in Arlington, VA

Looking for furnished apartments in Arlington, VA? Kasa offers stylishly-designed and professionally-managed furnished apartments and hotel rooms for however long you'd like to stay.

Kasa's furnished apartments in Arlington, VA

Welcome to your home away from home - whether you're on the road for a quick trip or an extended stay. Our furnished apartments offer modern decor, high-quality finishes, and 24/7 contactless access, plus essential amenities like fast WiFi, kitchens or kitchenettes, plush beds, and a table or desk where you can work. Our locations are allow you to feel like a local while you're in town. You'll be within walking distance or a short drive of great restaurants, shops, bars, corporate HQs, and top things to do.

Discover Arlington, VA

After booking one of our furnished apartments in Arlington, VA, here's everything you need to know for your stay.

Arlington, Virginia, is just across the Potomac River from Washington DC and is a key part of the DC metro area. Arlington is home to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, as well as Reagan National Airport. It’s an educational hub, with multiple universities and graduate schools clustered within its borders. And it’s the planned site of Amazon’s second headquarters, Amazon HQ2. Arlington is a wealthy county, with incomes ranking fifth in the country. It’s also densely populated, ranking 11th in the U.S. Visitors might not realize that Arlington isn’t actually a city; it’s a county. Because of its size (just 26 square miles), geographically it’s the smallest county in the U.S.

Arlington was once part of the land set aside for DC by Virginia (and named Alexandria County). But the location of the nation’s capital just across the Potomac River didn’t result in the kinds of economic boons Arlington’s residents were expecting. There was conflict with the rest of DC over slavery. The Arlington economy was rooted in slavery, and there were fears that DC would choose abolition. Arlington managed to separate from DC and return to Virginia.

During the Civil War, Virginia seceded and Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s house on the Potomac was confiscated when his wife failed to properly pay a tax. After legal battles with Lee’s family, the site, named Arlington House, was turned into the military cemetery it is today, and Arlington later became the county’s new name.

The Pentagon was built in Arlington in the mid-twentieth century, and on September 11, 2001, hijackers flew a plane into the building, killing 125 employees and contractors in addition to the 59 passengers and crew on the plane.

In recent decades, population and development in the county have boomed, thanks to its proximity to DC, and today the county has excellent food, attractions, and entertainment. There are great short-term rental options near it all.