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New Haven: A guide to short-term rentals

The storied home of Yale University is endlessly rich in culture and cuisine. A short-term rental is the best way to explore all that New Haven has to offer.

Kasa's short-term rentals in New Haven

With short-term rentals in the city’s most exciting neighborhoods, Kasa offers comfortable and convenient accommodations no matter what brings you to New Haven or where you need to go.

Discover New Haven

After booking your short-term rental in New Haven, here's everything you need to know for your trip.

New Haven is Connecticut’s third largest city, located in a harbor off the Long Island Sound. This harbor gives the city its name, since “haven” was an English term for harbor or port. The city has a population of 130,000, but the larger New Haven metro area has a population of over 850,000. New Haven is famous as the home of Yale University, one of the oldest universities in the country and consistently one of its very best. Yale is also central to the city’s economy, as the city’s largest employer, and to the city’s culture, thanks to its museums, music venues, and theaters.

Before European colonization, the area that now includes New Haven was inhabited by the Quinnipiac tribe, who fished and farmed maize. In the mid-seventeenth century, Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony to the north, the first Puritan settlement in the Americas, traveled to the area to found an even more theologically rigid community. They formed an uneasy alliance with the Quinnipiac, who were in conflict with the Pequots, and the colony muddled along until the late eighteenth century. During the Revolutionary War, New Haven was the site of battles between rebels and Redcoats, but unlike other Connecticut cities it was not burned to the ground, so much of its original architecture remains.

After the Revolution, New Haven became a manufacturing powerhouse thanks to Yale graduate Eli Whitney, who stayed in the city, invented the cotton gin, and also opened a gun-manufacturing plant. Over time, the state became a center of gun production and was nicknamed the “Arsenal of America.” It was home to Samuel Colt and Oliver Winchester, among others. The firearms economy was a boon for the city during the American Civil War, and after the war the population surged. European immigrants poured in, particularly Italians.

In recent decades, downtown New Haven has experienced a renaissance, with restaurants, bars, entertainment, and boutiques, and there are great short-term rental options near it all.