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Furnished apartments in Tempe

Looking for furnished apartments in Tempe? Kasa offers stylishly-designed and professionally-managed furnished apartments and hotel rooms for however long you'd like to stay.

Kasa's furnished apartments in Tempe

Welcome to your home away from home - whether you're on the road for a quick trip or an extended stay. Our furnished apartments offer modern decor, high-quality finishes, and 24/7 contactless access, plus essential amenities like fast WiFi, kitchens or kitchenettes, plush beds, and a table or desk where you can work. Our locations are allow you to feel like a local while you're in town. You'll be within walking distance or a short drive of great restaurants, shops, bars, corporate HQs, and top things to do.

Discover Tempe

After booking one of our furnished apartments in Tempe, here's everything you need to know for your stay.

Part of the Phoenix metro area, Tempe is a city of 180,000 located just southeast of Phoenix proper and bordering Mesa and Scottsdale. Named after the Greek Vale of Tempe, a valley near Mount Olympus where gods and demigods were reputed to frolic and scheme, Tempe is the site of Arizona State University’s main campus. Outside of the University, much of Tempe’s local economy is rooted in the finance industry.

The Hohokam people inhabited the area that now includes Tempe prior to the sixteenth century and built a series of sophisticated canals along the Salt River that still inform the Phoenix metro area’s water supply today. When European explorers arrived, however, most of the Hohokam’s settlements had been abandoned. The society had collapsed as a result of flooding due to climate change. The Americans established a fort along the Salt River, which flows through the center of present-day Phoenix, and this led to further settlement. Irrigation from the Salt River allowed agriculture to flourish despite the desert climate.

In 1887, a railroad station arrived, connecting Tempe to the country’s growing network of trains and ushering in new business and residents. In 1911, a huge dam was built on the Salt River northeast of the city, ensuring that agriculture in the area could be sustained. It was named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who gave a speech to mark the occasion. Within a year, the state of Arizona had been admitted into the union. In 1965, an African-American couple bought property in Tempe for the first time. Previously, Tempe had been a so-called “sundown town,” where Black people could work but had to leave by sunset.

Today, Tempe is a major suburb of Phoenix, with easy access to all of Phoenix’s attractions, restaurants, and entertainment, as well as those of the cities that border Tempe to the east and south. There are great short-term rental options near all that Tempe and the Phoenix metro area have to offer.