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A bedroom in a Kasa apartment with a large bed with white sheets, a small desk beside it, and a large window overlooking the city.

Our company

At Kasa, we aspire to set a new standard of reliability, comfort and convenience for business and leisure travelers alike. Book now and enjoy our seamless 24/7 self check-in and sparkling clean apartments and hotel rooms.

A bedroom in a Kasa apartment with a large bed with white sheets, a small desk beside it, and a large window overlooking the city.

Our mission

Build a global accommodations brand that is beloved by guests, indispensable to property partners, and desired by neighbors.

Our values

Our 100-year journey

Feed two birds with one scone

Seek the root cause

“Yes, and…”

10x not 10%

Fearless feedback

Kasa in numbers

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Team members




Our leadership team

Kasa’s subject-matter experts span 4 countries and 14 states. Our team might be out of sight, but as a guest you are never out of mind.

Join our team
  • Roman Pedan

    Founder & CEO

    LinkedIn page of Roman Pedan
  • Aaron Anderson

    Multifamily Strategy

    LinkedIn page of Aaron Anderson
  • Amanda Frank

    Director of Sales

    LinkedIn page of Amanda Frank
  • Antonio Corona


    LinkedIn page of Antonio Corona
  • Austin Murtland

    Chief of Staff

    LinkedIn page of Austin Murtland
  • Ben Levick


    LinkedIn page of Ben Levick
  • Brian Ritter

    Real Estate Chief of Staff

    LinkedIn page of Brian Ritter
  • Brianna Kohr


    LinkedIn page of Brianna Kohr
  • Craig Minoff

    Product & Ops

    LinkedIn page of Craig Minoff
  • Elena Goldblatt

    Guest Experience

    LinkedIn page of Elena Goldblatt
  • Elliott Lui


    LinkedIn page of Elliott Lui
  • Jeff McConathy


    LinkedIn page of Jeff McConathy
  • Jocelyn Olsen

    Launch Operations

    LinkedIn page of Jocelyn Olsen
  • John (JD) Modrak

    Property Operations

    LinkedIn page of John (JD) Modrak
  • Jordan Calaguire

    Real Estate

    LinkedIn page of Jordan Calaguire
  • Mara Jones

    People Ops

    LinkedIn page of Mara Jones
  • Michael Millas

    Financial Strategy

    LinkedIn page of Michael Millas
  • Mike Marando

    Business Operations

    LinkedIn page of Mike Marando
  • Morgan Norville


    LinkedIn page of Morgan Norville
  • Norbert Pap

    Product Design

    LinkedIn page of Norbert Pap
  • Raja Chatterjee

    General Counsel

    LinkedIn page of Raja Chatterjee
  • Richard Lou

    Partner Success

    LinkedIn page of Richard Lou
  • Stella Bok

    Head of Interior Design

    LinkedIn page of Stella Bok
  • Tomek Nowinski

    Brand & Marketing

    LinkedIn page of Tomek Nowinski
  • Luke Callinan

    Hotel Investments

    LinkedIn page of Luke Callinan
  • Yaran Noti


    LinkedIn page of Yaran Noti
  • Yvette Romero

    Product & Ops

    LinkedIn page of Yvette Romero

Team experience

Bain & Company
Boston Consulting Group
Berkeley Law University of California
Goldman Sachs
Paul Hastings
Harvard Business School
Stanford Engineering