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Increase operating income through higher occupancy

Flexible operations allows Kasa to fit into your portfolio strategy - from activating a handful of units to entire buildings.

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Upside of hospitality. Downside protection of multifamily.

  • Increase your NOI
  • Diversify your cash flow risk
  • Simplify rent roll
  • Capitalize hard-to-lease units

Upside of hospitality. Downside protection of multifamily.

  • Increase your NOI
  • Diversify your cash flow risk
  • Simplify rent roll
  • Capitalize hard-to-lease units

Our flexible operations makes us your one‑stop partner


We can take control of a few units or strike a relationship with up to 1,500,000 keys nationally.

Property types

We are able to seamlessly move into a multifamily complex, manage your hotel or supervise your student housing.


Our partnerships extend from small town businesses to gateways encompassing cities all across the globe.


We have the capability to move quickly and efficiently into class A/B, high-rise, mid-rise or garden style units.

Kasa’s footprint

As of 2020, we offer more than 1,000 spacious and affordable Kasas across the United States. Over half of our expansion comes from existing partner growth.





Keeping the community safe

  • Absolutely no smoking including vapes and e-cigs
  • Quiet hours and a strict no party policy
  • Legally binding contract signed at booking confirmation

Security features

We utilize a network of smart devices and algorithms to prevent bad actors and behaviors.

Smart sensors

Track noise & number of people in the Kasa, with alerts tailored to unit and property risk-level. Tamper-proof THC & nicotine detection.

Smart access control

24/7 hassle free access, leveraging smart locks, call box auto-responders, etc. Logging system ensures traceability.

Background checks

Multi-layered background check and fraud prevention for every guest.

Risk analysis algorithm

Risk factors flag extra precautions or automatically cancel bookings.

Interested in how Kasa operates?

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Our leadership team

Kasa’s experts span four countries and 14 states. Our team might be out of sight, but as a partner, you are never out of mind.

  • Roman Pedan

    Founder & CEO

    LinkedIn page of Roman Pedan
  • Aaron Anderson

    Multifamily Strategy

    LinkedIn page of Aaron Anderson
  • Amanda Frank

    Director of Sales

    LinkedIn page of Amanda Frank
  • Antonio Corona


    LinkedIn page of Antonio Corona
  • Austin Murtland

    Chief of Staff

    LinkedIn page of Austin Murtland
  • Ben Levick


    LinkedIn page of Ben Levick
  • Brian Ritter

    Real Estate Chief of Staff

    LinkedIn page of Brian Ritter
  • Brianna Kohr


    LinkedIn page of Brianna Kohr
  • Craig Minoff

    Product & Ops

    LinkedIn page of Craig Minoff
  • Elena Goldblatt

    Guest Experience

    LinkedIn page of Elena Goldblatt
  • Elliott Lui


    LinkedIn page of Elliott Lui
  • Jeff McConathy


    LinkedIn page of Jeff McConathy
  • Jocelyn Olsen

    Launch Operations

    LinkedIn page of Jocelyn Olsen
  • John (JD) Modrak

    Property Operations

    LinkedIn page of John (JD) Modrak
  • Jordan Calaguire

    Real Estate

    LinkedIn page of Jordan Calaguire
  • Mara Jones

    People Ops

    LinkedIn page of Mara Jones
  • Michael Millas

    Financial Strategy

    LinkedIn page of Michael Millas
  • Mike Marando

    Business Operations

    LinkedIn page of Mike Marando
  • Morgan Norville


    LinkedIn page of Morgan Norville
  • Norbert Pap

    Product Design

    LinkedIn page of Norbert Pap
  • Richard Lou

    Partner Success

    LinkedIn page of Richard Lou
  • Tomek Nowinski

    Brand & Marketing

    LinkedIn page of Tomek Nowinski
  • Luke Callinan

    Hotel Investments

    LinkedIn page of Luke Callinan
  • Yaran Noti


    LinkedIn page of Yaran Noti
  • Yvette Romero

    Product & Ops

    LinkedIn page of Yvette Romero

Our operating teams ensure superior operations

We have departments for all guest and partner touch points, allowing us to work with you to ensure your property’s success. From the moment we launch to the first guests’ arrival, we have everything under control.

Partner Success

Our business depends on your success. That’s why we set up a team of experts tasked with ensuring a smooth partnership.

Guest Experience

Our Guest Experience (GX) department is the central hub for guest and property team questions. Best of all, they’re available 24/7, making them best quipped for time-sensitive matters.

Property Operations

The Property Operations department oversees routine upkeep and coordinates in-unit repairs so every Kasa unit remains best-in-class quality, keeping us in-line with property standards.

Launch Operations

The Launch Operations department facilitates onboarding operations, including development of property-level solutions.

Our advisors

Kasa’s advisors give us unique access to real estate, hospitality and technology expertise as well as deal flow, talent and data.

  • Craig Weismann

    Craig is Chief Architect at Okta, CTO Duetto Cloud, Ex CTO Sales Force.

    Sales Force
  • Marcus Ridgeway

    Marcus co-founded and is currently COO at Invitation Homes. He is also our partner to the largest global landlord, Blackstone.

    Invitation Homes
    The Blackstone Group
  • Aaron Schildkrout

    Aaron is head of growth and driver of product at Uber. He is also responsible for their global marketing.

  • Chris Maholwald

    Chris is a Professor of Real Estate at Stanford GSB. He also founded RSF Partners and co-founded Lone Star Fund and Colony Capital.

    RSF Partners
    Colony Capital
  • Rob Kline

    Rob founded and is currently CEO at Chartres Lodging Group.

    The Chartres Lodging Group

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