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What is Kasa?

Kasa is a tech-enabled, flexible accommodations brand and operator. Kasa partners with real estate owners to transform multifamily and hospitality properties into professionally-managed rentals and hotels. We use technology and deep industry expertise to operate these accommodations and deliver high-quality independent experiences to travelers of all types.

Where is Kasa?

40 cities nationwide

How do we receive our tasks or cleans?

Kasa utilizes a mobile app to automatically schedule tasks and communicate with our partners to keep everyone up to date, in real time.

Here's how cleaning tasks work:

  1. A reservation is booked.

  2. An automatic Breezeway task is created for the clean at the end of checkout.

  3. You accept the task and assign it to a cleaner.

  4. If a guests adds a pet, the task is edited so you know as soon we do.

  5. If a guest cancels the reservation, the task will be updated and we will notify you.

  6. When it's time to clean, you start the task in the mobile app and mark it as complete once it's done so our guests know it's ready to go.

Here's how maintenance tasks work:

  1. Our guest or support team reports an issue.

  2. We immediately create a Breezeway task to address the issue.

  3. You accept the task so you know when it needs to be complete.

  4. Kasa will confirm access to the unit.

  5. When you're done with the task, take a picture and mark it as complete to confirm it's as good as new!

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