Arlington, TX: A guide to short-term rentals

Located at the epicenter of the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Arlington is home to some of the best sports and entertainment in the state and the country. A short-term rental is the best way to explore all that the city has to offer.

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Discover Arlington, TX

After booking your short-term rental in Arlington, TX, here's everything you need to know for your trip.

Arlington is part of Texas’ Mid-Cities region, a 30-mile stretch between Fort Worth in the west and Dallas in the east that’s filled with smaller cities, forming a massive, single metropolitan area. With a population of almost 400,000, Arlington is a major part of the Mid-Cities region. It’s also home to some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s most prominent attractions: the stadiums of the NBA’s Dallas Cowboys, the WNBA’s Dallas Wings, and the MLB’s Texas Rangers; the original Six Flags location; and a Hurricane Harbor. Arlington is also known for education, thanks to the University of Texas at Arlington, a large research university; and for industry, as a result of General Motors’ significant presence.

Before European colonization, Arlington was inhabited by the Village Creek Native American tribe. In 1841, the Texas military fought and killed many of Village Creek tribe’s members and established a fort that led to further European settlement. The area’s rich soil was excellent for agriculture, and the city of Arlington was founded in 1876, becoming a stop on the Texas and Pacific Railway. The name of the city is a tribute to Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Arlington House in Virginia, a mansion that was once his home within what is now Arlington National Cemetery by the Potomac River.

In the early twentieth century, Arlington was a popular stop for travelers between Dallas and Fort Worth, and it became an underground gambling destination, with dens hidden behind legitimate storefronts. Gambling in Arlington continued through the mid-twentieth century, despite crackdowns by Texas Rangers. During World War II, the city’s character changed thanks to an influx of job seekers from around the state, which swelled the population.

Today, Arlington has thousands of homes in pretty suburban neighborhoods that extend in every direction from the locus of stadiums, amusement parks, industrial plants, and shopping centers between Interstate 30 and Interstate 20, with Mountain Creek Lake and Lake Arlington to the east and west. There are great short-term rental options near it all.