Dallas: A guide to short-term rentals

The bigness of Dallas is evident in its big energy, big flavors, and the big fun it offers. Abundant high-quality short-term rentals make Dallas a must-visit destination.

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Discover Dallas

After booking your short-term rental in Dallas, here's everything you need to know for your trip.

Located in northeastern Texas in an area known as the black-land prairies, Dallas helps make up the largest metropolitan area in the American South, and the fourth largest in the country. Together with its neighboring cities of Fort Worth and Arlington, more than 7.5 million people live in the area—about a quarter of all Texas residents.

While Texas came in and out of Spanish, Mexican, and American control (as well as a brief stint as its own sovereign republic), Dallas was first founded in 1841 by tradesman John Neely Bryan. As railroads developed in the late 1800s, Dallas became an industrial hub, attracting citizens from all across the U.S. The fact of Texas’ former Mexican statehood, and its proximity to Mexico also attracted a great many Mexicans, many of whom settled in a neighborhood once known as Little Mexico. Dallas became a center for manufacturing military automobiles during World War II.

Today the city is famous for its arts and culture scene, as well as its beloved football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Known for it’s technology, manufacturing, and oil companies, it’s also a major transportation and trucking hub that helps connect many cities across the South. The climate is typically mild year-round, with hot summers, and the city is surrounded by dozens of lakes and outdoor recreational areas nearby many top-quality short-term rentals.