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Situated at the epicenter of Silicon Valley about 30 miles south of downtown San Francisco and about 20 miles north of downtown San Jose, Redwood City is a municipality of approximately 85,000 that’s home to the headquarters of a number of major companies, including Oracle, Box, Electronic Arts, Informatica, and Evernote.

Before the arrival of European settlers, the area that now includes Redwood City was inhabited by the Ohlone nation’s Tamien tribe for thousands of years. When the Spanish arrived in the late eighteenth century, they built a number of missions across the region. The Spanish flag flew over present-day Redwood City until Mexico declared its independence. What is now Redwood City was part of the Rancho de las Pulgas of the Arguello family until the Mexican-American War, when the territory of California became part of the United States.

In the early twentieth century, a pair of brothers who immigrated from Japan, the Enomotos, began growing chrysanthemums in the area, and two decades later the city nicknamed itself the “Chrysanthemum Center of the World.” The internment of Japanese Americans during World War II was traumatic for the Japanese-American population and a significant blow to that industry in the city.

In the 1960s, the semiconductor industry arrived in the region, resulting in a surge of real estate development. In the 1990s, the internet boom continued to fuel growth, resulting in the economic hub Redwood City is today. Redwood City is a key link in the series of municipalities that make up Silicon Valley and home to a host of tech workers employed by some of the world’s most iconic companies.

Thanks to its proximity to both San Francisco and San Jose, the city is rich in culture, with an array of museums and galleries nearby. The city also has excellent access to large parks and beautiful flower gardens.