South Bend: A guide to short-term rentals

A former industrial hub that has become a health, education, and technology center, South Bend is a picturesque river city nestled up against the University of Notre Dame. A short-term rental is the best way to explore all that the city has to offer.

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After booking your short-term rental in South Bend, here's everything you need to know for your trip.

A small city of 100,000, South Bend is located just south of the Michigan-Indiana border and 20 miles east of Lake Michigan. The city sits along the St. Joseph River, which bends through the city’s downtown and gives South Bend its name. The University of Notre Dame sits just outside of South Bend, and its 12,000 students and thousands of faculty and staff form a key part of the city’s greater metropolitan area and are integral to its cultural life.

Before European colonization, the area that now includes South Bend was inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Miami and Potawatomi. In the mid-nineteenth century, these indigenous inhabitants were forcibly expelled and European fur traders settled in the region, eventually establishing the city along the river in 1865. “Peace,” the city’s motto, is a reference to South Bend’s founding date, immediately after the conclusion of the American Civil War.

In South Bend’s early history, the river formed the center of the city’s economy. Industrial companies like Studebaker, the once-mighty car manufacturer, used the river for transportation, connecting South Bend to the major metropolises along the coasts of the Great Lakes. In the mid-nineteenth century, South Bend’s population peaked at over 130,000, but as industry jobs in the area gradually declined, the population fell as well. Education and healthcare have since risen in place of manufacturing, and in recent years the population has been back on the rise.

Technology companies are now making South Bend home, taking advantage of the University of Notre Dame’s proximity. The former Studebaker plant is also being retrofitted as a technology hub to attract businesses. In the 2019-20 presidential campaign, South Bend was a frequent topic of conversation thanks to the candidacy of former mayor Pete Buttigieg, and today the city counts tourism as a significant industry. Fortunately, there are great short-term rental options near all that South Bend has to offer.