St. Louis: A guide to short-term rentals

St. Louis offers more food, fun and culture than almost any other city in the U.S., and so much of it right around the corner from Kasa's short-term rentals.

Kasa's short-term rentals in St. Louis

So many of the major museums and institutions in St. Louis are in Forest Park, right near Kasa's short-term rentals—including an 18-hole golf course in the middle of the city!

Discover St. Louis

After booking your short-term rental in St. Louis, here's everything you need to know for your trip.

Nestled along a bend where the Missouri River meets the Mississippi, St. Louis is situated about halfway down the eastern length of the state, just across the river from Illinois. The metropolitan area, which is the largest in Missouri, also includes East St. Louis, which is the second-largest metropolitan area in the state of Illinois. The city was founded by French fur-traders in 1764, but it wasn’t until 1822—almost 20 years after it was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase—that the city became officially incorporated. In the 1840s and ‘50s, thousands of Irish and German immigrants settled in St. Louis, among them Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch, who revolutionized the beer industry and introduced the world to Budweiser in 1876. A great many Italians also immigrated into the city in the 1890s, settling in a part of town known today as The Hill, famous for its Italian food. In the early 1900s, St. Louis was also a popular destination during the Great Migration for Black Americans from the Deep South.

In 1904 St. Louis was host to both the Summer Olympics and the World’s Fair, and many modern venues originally built for the fair—like the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, and the Missouri History Museum—are still in operation today. The St. Louis Cardinals, the city’s beloved major league baseball team since 1892, have won 11 World Series championships, more than any other major league team except the New York Yankees.

Today, the city is home to more than 300,000 St. Louisans and annually brings in more than 25 millions visitors, offering a robust set of high-quality short-term rental options. Here are some of the best things to see and do around the Gateway City.