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What you need to know about group room blocks

Answers to some frequently asked questions about booking group room blocks in Chicago.

Booking group room blocks in Chicago follows a similar pattern to other major cities, with timing depending on various factors. For optimal planning, it's recommended to book your group room blocks in Chicago as early as possible, especially if your trip coincides with peak seasons or major events. Generally, aiming to secure your accommodations six to twelve months in advance provides the best chance of securing favorable rates and availability.

Peak seasons in Chicago typically include the summer months, when the city comes alive with festivals, concerts, and outdoor events. If your group's travel dates fall within these periods, booking at least a year ahead is advisable to ensure you secure the desired number of rooms at competitive rates. Additionally, if your trip aligns with major events such as conventions, conferences, or sports tournaments, early booking is essential as hotel rooms can fill up quickly during these times. However, if your group has flexibility in travel dates or can consider off-peak times, you may have more leeway in booking closer to your desired travel dates. Overall, the key is to plan ahead and book early to secure the best options for your group's accommodations in Chicago.